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Over the last few years internet usage has increased significantly and the number of people browsing the web for financial products has increased dramatically. www.my-weddinginsurance.co.uk is an interactive website providing comprehensive yet affordable, wedding insurance for UK and overseas weddings.

We provide information on our wedding insurance plans and enable clients to obtain insurance cover online.

If you are a wedding supplier and would like to earn some extra revenue by promoting www.my-weddinginsurance.co.uk, send us your enquiry today. For more information on our affiliate programme check out our FAQs section.


Do I need to be FSA (Financial Services Authority) regulated to become an affiliate?

No. However, in line with FSA regulations affiliates must not provide advice to the customer but simply have the information on display and introduce potential clients to us.

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Do I need to generate a minimum amount of commission each month?

There is no minimum business amount. No matter how small an amount of commission you generate, it will be sent to you in the form of a cheque.

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How can the www.my-weddinginsurance.co.uk website work for your business?

If you're currently offering products online then you can easily enhance your product range by joining the www.my-weddinginsurance.co.uk affiliate programme. Becoming an affiliate is quick, easy and free to set up.

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How do we track which business was generated by your link?

You are allocated with a unique piece of link code which includes your affiliate reference number. This enables us to track and identify each piece of business that comes through from your website to the www.my-weddinginsurance.co.uk website. The link code is used to identify any purchase the customer makes, for which you receive commission.

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How do you obtain your link?

When you submit an online enquiry you will be sent an e-mail with details on how to proceed..

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How does the www.my-weddinginsurance.co.uk affiliate programme work?

Firstly there are two types of link that you can use: a text link or an image banner link. Each link contains a unique piece of code including your affiliate reference number. We send an e-mail to you, providing your links to our website free of charge. You simply cut and paste the links we give you into your own website.

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How much does it cost to join?

The www.my-weddinginsurance.co.uk affiliate program is completely free to join.

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How often will I get paid?

Commission due is calculated at the end of each month. Each (affiliate account or agent) receives a (bordereau or report) and payment is made in the form of a cheque.

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To receive an e-mail with further details of our affiliate programme, including commission rates, simply fill out the following enquiry form.

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